Ar Intinn Eile

 “They thought that by operating and severing the frontal lobes from the rest of the brain that people would recover because they became quieter, but of course what you were doing was actually turning them into vegetables and this was an appalling assault on human beings.” Dr Ivor Browne

Combining real-life case studies with commentary and analysis from expert interviewees, ‘Ar Intinn Eile’ (An Irish State of Mind) examines first hand, stories of men and women throughout history who experienced the workings of Irish psychiatric institutions and the reaction and responses of society towards those deemed insane. Radical, timely and thought provoking, Ar Intinn Eile (An Irish State of Mind) asks us all to challenge our assumptions about mental health and ultimately, forces us to question our very notions of identity, self and psyche.

3 x 40 min episodes

Written and Created by Virginia Gilbert
Directed by Brendan Culleton/ Irina Maldea
Produced by Katie Holly

Narrated by Carrie Crowley
Additional readings by Peter Coonan