Money Money Money

Money, Money, Money: Keith Farnan Versus The Economy is a 40-minute comedy documentary adapted from Keith Farnan’s critically acclaimed stand-up show of the same title with interviews, archive footage and insights. Written and presented by lawyer-turned-comedian Keith Farnan, the programme takes a long hard look at the Irish obsession with money, exploring our brief love affair with vast amounts of cash and the subsequent fiscal meltdown. Keith and his contributors also present some cunning plans to repay the 85,000,000,000 Ireland now owes to Europe and the IMF.

Why get a comedian to look at our economy? The truth is, we’ve had enough clowns running the country, so why not get a professional to look at it.

Documentary, 44 mins

Written and Presented by Keith Farnan
Directed By Virginia Gilbert
Produced by Katie Holly

Contributors: Enda Kenny, Fintan O'Toole, David McWilliams, Mick Wallace and Senator Shane Ross

RTÉ/Bl!nder Films