Striapacha is a three part Irish language documentary series examining the last three hundred years of female prostitution in Ireland. The series examines the unique social, religious and political circumstances that have shaped Irish attitudes towards women, female sexuality and sexuality in general and explores how three centuries of Irish society have engaged with and responded to the trade of prostitution. Striapacha explores the reasons for prostitution, demystifying the belief that prostitution is solely driven by economic circumstances, by seeking to understand the need that society continues to have for sex on sale.

World-wide rights available, for sales inquiries please contact Bl!nder Films.

3 x 40 min episodes

Written and Directed by Virginia Gilbert
Produced by Katie Holly

Narrated by Carrie Crowley

Series Consultant: Dr Maria Luddy

Featured Interviewees: Senator David Norris; Senator Ivana Bacik; TD Liz MacManus; Rosita Sweetman; Paul Reynolds; Terry Fagan; Dr. Gary Boyd

Featured Talent: Gerard McSorley, Fiona O'Shaughnessy, Anita Reeves, Declan Conlon and Lesley Conroy.

Financiers: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland, TG4