Striking Out

Striking Out follows the tumultuous professional and personal life of Dublin-based solicitor, Tara Rafferty, and her fledgling legal firm. When Tara discovers, on her hen night, that her fiancé and fellow solicitor Eric Dunbar has been cheating on her with a colleague, she breaks up with him, quits her job at the prestigious law firm they worked at together, and sets about making her own way in a new life outside the inner circle of the legal profession. At first unsure how she’ll cope, Tara begins to realize she is more than capable of being on her own – both personally and professionally.

With the help of Ray Lamont, her street smart and opinionated client-turned-assistant; Meg Riley, tech guru and private detective; Pete, the easy-going owner of the cafe where she makes her new office and Senior Counsel Vincent Pike, Tara’s mentor and friend, Striking Out follows Tara in her often surprising, sometimes poignant, and always intriguing cases – their findings, fallouts, and resolutions. Tara and her team go above and beyond for their clients, and she will stop at nothing to get results. Tara’s inquisitive mind paired with observational prowess makes her a force to be reckoned with in the streets as much as the courts.

Spanning from grandeur of the Four Courts to the Google beehive of Grand Canal, Striking Out is a snapshot of contemporary life in Ireland. Over time Tara’s cases pit her in direct conflict with influential families and the legal and political establishment, and also challenge her own ethics as she navigates her new life, fighting the urgings of Eric and his and her family to return to the way things were.

She isn’t alone in the battle, though. With support from her new team, Tara finds that this unexpected road is actually more rewarding.

Directed by Lisa James Larsson

Created by James Phelan

Written by James Phelan, Rob Heyland, Mike O'Leary

Produced by Yvonne Donohoe, Katie Holly

Amy Huberman
Neil Morrissey
Emmet Byrne
Fiona O'Shaughnessy
Rory Keenan
Paul Anthony - Barber
Ingrid Craigie
Nick Dunning

Financiers: RTE, BAI, DCD Rights and S481

Sales & Distributors: DCD, Acorn Media Enterprises